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Here are some questions I frequently get asked regarding wedding hair and makeup. Hopefully it will help you understand the process better and answer some of your burning questions ! Please do give me a call as I'd love to chat further with you and answer any further questions you might have x

1. What brands do you use ?

I use a variety of brands including Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Hourglass,NARS, Morphe, Delilah, Stila and Benefit. However, I'm a strong believer that it doesn't matter what you use, its how you use it. These products perform well and have been well tested ! 

2. I have very sensitive skin, are the products you use suitable for me?

This is something no-one can guarantee. You can react to absolutely anything and there isn't a one size fits all brand. During the trial we will talk about any skin sensitivities and reactions you've had and go from there. We'll work it out together ! I've not had any problems in this area before so don't worry.

3. Can I use some of my own makeup products ?

Yes of course! 

4. I don't wear much makeup normally, will I have to wear a lot for my wedding ?

Absolutely not. I love to make brides look naturally radiant and feel and look like the best version of themselves. I ask a lot of questions during the trial about what makeup you use, where you put it and at what intensity. My goal is to build an accurate picture of what you would normally look like when you're made up and create a beautiful flattering version.

5. Will I need to provide hair pins and hairspray for the trial/on the wedding day ?

No that's all provided by me !

6. When is it best to have a trial ?

I always suggest a couple of months before the day, but ultimately its up to you. It might be that you would like to tick something off the list.

7. How do I secure my wedding date with you ?

In order to secure your wedding date I would need a non-refundable deposit of £50 by BACS which I will send you an invoice for. This is deducted from the wedding day invoice.

8. How and when do I pay you for the trial and wedding day?

You will only need to pay for the trial on the trial date by bank transfer. The wedding day invoice will be sent to you 7 days before the wedding and it will need to be paid within 48 hours.

9. I'm worried about everything running smoothly on the wedding morning, will there be time to get everyone done ?

Absolutely! We will make a plan of action well before the day. Once we've completed your trial, we will have a better idea of timings so I can put together a time plan. This way everyone knows when they need to be ready by. We will factor in things like, the flowers arriving, the photographers plans and when you need to be ready by, leaving time for photos, getting into your dress and travelling to the wedding venue. 

10. Do you provide eyelashes ?

I provide individual eyelashes for both the trial and the day. These are included in my prices. I prefer to use individuals as they have a more natural appearance and I find them very versatile.

11. What happens if you fall ill or something happens to prevent you from coming to do our hair and makeup?

Touch wood this has never happened in all the years I have been working with brides! (including over the covid period) However, I have a network of hair and makeup artist colleagues who I can call on should the worst case scenario happen. When I do a trial I write down everything I do and take several pictures so I could send those to whoever stands in for me.

12. I have a large wedding party to get ready, do you provide additional artists to help you ?

Yes I have a network of hair and makeup artists that I call on for help. I have worked with everyone before and know they are all fabulous, reliable artists.

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