Long wearing wedding makeup tips

How to make sure your wedding makeup doesn't budge and what to use I thought I would share with you my current favourite products and the steps that I use, to make sure my bride's makeup stays put all day long. I hope this is useful for those who choose to do their own wedding makeup, or even just some tips for long wearing everyday makeup. Step 1 - Skin Create a smooth, hydrated base for makeup. Makeup won't sit nicely unless you prep your skin before hand, so get rid of dea

Making the most of your wedding hair and makeup trial

We are fast approaching the end of the year and for many it is time to book in your wedding hair and makeup trial for your 2019 wedding ! Personally, I encourage brides to really make the most of their trial, I don't give any time limit on it so I finish when my bride is happy. I thought I would write a post to give you some idea of what to expect at your trial, questions to ask and how to make the most of it..... I always suggest you book a trial at least a few months before