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upcycle your eyeshadows

I have a fun tip this week! I was having a sort through my personal makeup kit (which is excessive!) at the weekend and turfed out a couple of palettes that I don't use. I'd lost interest in them. It made me ponder how I could spice them up, rather than add them to landfill. We waste so much makeup, so why don't we give it a simple re-vamp to make it more interesting ! I also had pots of glitter which I never use. So I came up with a solution and thought I'd share it with you.......

Here's a palette that's been sitting in my makeup graveyard.

I chose this purpley smokey grey powder shadow first and used the end of a clean makeup brush to scrape some out. I'm going to mix it with this little beauty....which I've never actually used.

This is an inexpensive coppery glitter pigment. Heres a swatch of both shadows before mixing.....

I mixed them together 50/50 in a small glass dapen dish, wet my brush and swiped it on my hand......

Look how pretty it is ! You don't have to wet the brush but it does give more opaque coverage and helps the glitter to stick. I'd happily smear this across my eyelids with a lick of mascara. Christmas eyeshadow sorted!

I had a play with another colour which also turned out well.....

This shadow is a soft pink with gold shot through it. I mixed it with this white sparkly glitter pigment...... (apologies for the terrible pic here!)

The pink eyeshadow before.....

Mixed 50/50 with the glitter pigment.....

Love it ! Again, I wet the brush before dipping it in. You could also apply your new pigments over an eyeshadow primer for longevity. Store them in a dinky pot and your done! This lends itself well to party makeup. I hope this is has been useful! I used glitter pigments from 'Peaches and Cream'. They're inexpensive and bloody good !

Why not try making a highlighter with a pale eyeshadow (ideally pink, gold, or white!) by mixing a sprinkle with some of your moisturiser.

Have fun! x

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