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Making the most of your wedding hair and makeup trial

We are fast approaching the end of the year and for many it is time to book in your wedding hair and makeup trial for your 2019 wedding ! Personally, I encourage brides to really make the most of their trial, I don't give any time limit on it so I finish when my bride is happy. I thought I would write a post to give you some idea of what to expect at your trial, questions to ask and how to make the most of it.....

I always suggest you book a trial at least a few months before the wedding day. Once your booking is confirmed, its a good idea to have a look at some pictures on pinterest to get some ideas before you meet your Hair and Makeup Artist. Have a think about the overall look you are going for. Maybe think about what you really don't like too, this is always very helpful. Generally brides want to look like the most beautiful version of themselves, so keep that in mind when you're looking at hair and makeup pictures.

On the trial day, your artist should do a consultation first and ask you a series of questions to really get to know your hair and makeup routine and the style of your wedding. Here are some questions I like to ask my brides.....

What makeup do you wear during the day/at work ?

What makeup do you wear for a night out/event ?

What products do you use ?

How do you use them ?

What are you trying to achieve with your makeup ?

Do you do much with your hair ?

How do you wear it on a daily basis ?

Do you do anything different for a night out/event ?

How do you find your hair ?

What is the overall look you are going for ?

Do you have any idea of what you would like your bridesmaids hair to like ?

Have you got a veil ?

What length is your veil ?

Will you be wearing your veil all day ?

Have you got a hair accessory ?

What does your wedding dress look like ?

What accessories are you wearing ?

Whats the theme of your wedding ?

Do you have a colour scheme ?

What flowers are you having ?

What are the bridesmaids wearing ?

Its worth thinking about these things in case you don't get asked. The more information you provide to your artist, the better the picture they have, so your wedding hair and makeup dreams can be realised.

Then its time to look at pictures, lots of them ! If you've already had a little look previously this is good. Try a few different hair and makeup styles, you won't know until you try, the whole idea of a trial is just trial things.

Once you've decided on your style, ask your artist if theres anything you should be doing in the mean time in preparation for the day. Good questions to ask are.....

Is there anything I should be doing to get my skin into good condition before the day ?

Where do I buy my wedding day lipstick ?

Do I need some powder for the day and what to buy ?

What will you do/can I do to ensure my skin doesn't get oily later on in the day ?

What will you do/can I do to ensure my dry skin doesn't feel uncomfortable later on in the day ?

Do I wash my hair the night before ?

Other questions to ask your artist about the wedding day.....

What time will you arrive ?

What time will you finish ?

Can I have a schedule ?

Will you be bringing an assistant ?

How long will each person take ?

Try and keep your makeup on for as long as possible after the trial so you can give feedback to your artist on how well its wearing. Maybe you need a longer wearing foundation or more coverage, you might of got oily quicker than anticipated. You may change your mind about something, but thats ok, just make sure you let your artist know so she can fix things.

Never let your artist make you feel as though you are being difficult, wedding hair is not like everyday styles, so you need to try a few different things. You should be allowed to, its your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best and that's not necessarily going to happen the first time round, so make sure they keep going until you do !


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