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Makeup lessons - learn how to apply your own makeup

Hi everyone !

I wanted to chat today about makeup lessons, learning how to stick all that stuff in your makeup bag on your face, without the use of a trowel, or excessive makeup brushes. Without having to go out and spend a small fortune on new products that you might only use twice a year ! You might think you haven't got the right tools and products in your kit, but once you know what to do with it all, you may find that actually, you can do a lot more than you thought. Its amazing what you can do with a blusher...and I don't mean just smearing it on your cheeks !

Not everyone wears makeup everyday, some people just use it when they're going to an event or out for the evening... or even hitting the shops ! It might be that you don't particularly want to pay a makeup artist to do your makeup, when you could learn to do it yourself and save some cash and time.

Wether you're lacking in makeup skills, need to update your look, want a look for a special occasion or even treat someone to a lesson, get in touch, I'd love to help ! does a makeup lesson work ?

I always like to sit down with my clients, and have a good old natter about their makeup routine, (or lack of) whilst rummaging around in their makeup bag ! (I love this bit as I haven't used every makeup product out there so this is where I write a mental shopping list of my own !!). Of course I'll bring my makeup kit too. Once I have a good idea of your skills and needs I can give you my tips and tricks. I tend to show you on one side of your face, then get you to do the other side (you can do it !). I think its easier when someone is able to physically guide you in the right direction, rather than just watching a video.

My makeup bag is filthy ! I haven't washed my brushes for yonks ! My makeup is sooooo old !

IT DOESN'T MATTER !!! I'm not here to judge, we all have old makeup in our personal stash and I can easily show you how to wash those brushes. We can check all your makeup is still ok to use and have a little clear out if need be. Everyone worries about showing me their makeup bags, but they soon see I'm far too excited about the contents to worry about that, I love makeup too much!

Am I going to need to spend ages practicing my new skills afterwards ?

Noooo. The idea is, that I make it as straight forward and do-able as possible. No-one has the time for that. I'll write everything down for you afterwards and send you your 'instructions', in case you forget,but I like to make it easy.

Will I need to go out and buy a whole new face of makeup and how will I know where to go and what to get ?

We will definitely work with what you currently have, unless you haven't got anything attall and want to wear a whole face of makeup ! We can put together a kit of essentials, a few multi-tasking bits, to take you from day to night, if need be. If there are bits and bobs you would like to buy, I will happily advise you on what to get, and where to get it from, within your budget. If you haven't got the time to shop for makeup yourself, this is something I can do for you.

To book lessons, contact me, Nicky via my website


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