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Long wearing wedding makeup tips

How to make sure your wedding makeup doesn't budge and what to use

I thought I would share with you my current favourite products and the steps that I use, to make sure my bride's makeup stays put all day long. I hope this is useful for those who choose to do their own wedding makeup, or even just some tips for long wearing everyday makeup.

Step 1 - Skin

Create a smooth, hydrated base for makeup. Makeup won't sit nicely unless you prep your skin before hand, so get rid of dead skin cells and use a moisturiser suitable for your skin type. I like to use 'Pixi Glow Tonic' to exfoliate the skin, then I massage in some 'Clinique Moisture Surge hydrating supercharged concentrate', this is a really light serum-gel like texture, its super hydrating. If any more hydration is needed, I'm currently using 'CeraVe Moisturising Lotion', it seems to plump skin without being heavy.

Step 2 - Foundation

Wether I'm trying to create a light base or good coverage, I love to use 'Estee Lauder Doublewear' for bullet-proof wear. Buffing a small amount over well hydrated skin with a buffing brush, I can get a nice lightweight finish, or for more coverage, just add more. Sometimes I mix it with 'Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow' to give it some extra glow. If you have dry skin, you really need to up the moisture stakes in the skincare step, so add a few layers of moistuiser, waiting a few minutes in between layers, to prevent your skin feeling dry later on in the day. If you have oilier skin, this foundation really wont budge.

Anything you put on top will be there to stay, avoid blushers that are too creamy though, as it could break down the foundation.

Step 3 - Concealer

With this foundation, concealer also has a good base to sit on as its so long wearing. I'm loving both 'Delilah Take Cover radiant concealer' and 'Estee Lauder Double Wear custom coverage correcting duo' for under eyes. they both have good lasting power. Be light handed as you don't need much to get good coverage. When I'm covering angry spots, I will lightly powder them first, add a very thin layer of concealer, then powder again. Sometimes it will take a few layers of concealer to completely cover it.

Step 4 - Eyebrows

If I need to add some colour to eyebrows, I'm finding the 'Hourglass Brow Sculpting pencil' brilliant, it has a spoolie on the other end to brush through the brows which is very handy. Then I set the hairs in place with 'Delilah Brow Shape', this is a tinted brow product which adds subtle colour and great hold, so you wont have any hairs moving out of place. Brush your brows, in the direction of the hair growth, then back the opposite way and finish with a brush back into place. This will ensure the hairs are fully coated.

Step 5 - Eyeshadow

Creased eyeshadow is not a good look on your wedding day ! I really love 'MAC Paintpots' for creating a base for powder eyeshadows, apply a thin layer, then set with a very small amount of powder. I find these good for oily eyelids and equally eyelids on the drier side. If your eyelids are really dry, try using a tiny bit of concealer buffed over the eyelid, then set with a little powder. Generally, cream eyeshadows/shadow sticks tend to be very long wearing and come in an array of pretty colours.

Step 6 - Eye-liner

For longevity reasons, gel liners are definitely your best friend, they come in pots and pencil form ! I like to buff some eyeshadow over the top to soften the line and make it appear less hard, unless I'm creating a sharp line. The thing I like with gel pencils,is the ability to make little dots in the lash line, then smudge with a finger. I use 'Delilah Gel Line' (pot) and 'Charlotte Tilbury Rock un Kohl' which isn't technically a gel, but its waterproof and doesn't budge.

Step 7 - Mascara

It goes without saying, waterproof is the only route for a wedding eye ! There's a plethora of options out there, its a case of finding a formula and brush that you like. I love 'Loreal Mega Volume waterproof Miss Baby Roll'.

Step 7 - Lips

There's a few steps that I take to keep lipstick on as long as possible. Exfoliate them first with an old toothbrush, then add a good slick of lip balm or oil and leave to sink in for a few minutes. Then I blot them with a tissue. I'm increasingly using a lip stain first in a thin layer all over the lips, loving 'Stila Lip and Cheek Stain' then applying a very thin layer of a liquid lip colour in a similar colour to the lipstick I'm going to use. Once that's dried, applying a lipstick over the top helps to keep the lips hydrated (I've found liquid lipsticks to be quite drying on their own) changes the texture and adds another layer to sandwich it all together. This really works.


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