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How to have the perfect wedding morning

Your wedding is looming ! You are anxious that everything goes to plan. When is your Hair and Makeup Artist arriving ? Will we be ready in time ? Who will distribute the flowers when they arrive ? Who is going to take care of things while you are having your hair and makeup done ?

Theres so much to think about when creating your big day, but the morning of your wedding should be stress free, enjoyable and memorable !

I've been lucky enough to spend many a morning with bridal parties doing hair and makeup and want to share my experience by giving some tips on how to minimise wedding morning stress, so you can enjoy the process of being made to look your most amazing self !

Choose an experienced professional Hair and Makeup Artist you feel comfortable with

You will probably be spending a good portion of your morning with this person, so it makes sense that you get a long with them and feel confident that they won't be flapping about and putting you on edge ! Someone with experience can always advise you on the best way to do things and in which order.

Have a hair and/or makeup trial

Most people have a trial, it just makes sense. You need to know you can trust your wedding

Hair and Makeup Artist to do a good job on the day and see how they work. Make the most of your trial and ask lots of questions about how things will run on the day. Find out when she/he wants you to wash your hair, will you wash it the night before ? Do you need to put anything in it before you dry ? Or will they blow dry it for you on the morning ? Preferably buy the lipstick you choose to use so you can touch it up throughout the day when you need to. Make a plan of action so everyone knows what time they need to be ready for hair and makeup.

Give your skin some TLC leading up to the big day

Makeup sits so much better on lovely hydrated skin, so if you don't have a skincare routine, getting married is a good reason to start one ! Ideally start several months before the day as its not

a good idea to try new skincare too close to the day in case it doesn't work for you or you have a reaction. A good excuse to treat yourself !

Designate jobs prior to the wedding day

This is your day, so someone else can greet people at the door, put the flowers in water etc... You have done all the planning and preparation and now its time to sit back and be pampered, let someone else do the running around. You have a free pass to be a princess for the day !

Eat some food !

It sounds obvious, but you will be so caught up in the day ahead that you might forget to eat ! They might be a long wait until you sit down for food too, so make sure you organise some food, nominate someone to be in charge of that.


..............and enjoy

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