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Hair, makeup, tea and me

A little bit about me and my journey in beauty.

Hello! Hope you've had a good Monday. I thought I'd introduce myself properly so you have more of an idea of who I am and what I do. So, this is me in action, there wont be any selfies of me on here! (yet)

I live in the pretty little market town of Petersfield in Hampshire, with my 2 fabulous boys and a nag-bag of a tabby cat called Nugget, AKA 'Nuggs'. I love music, cooking, eating out, exploring new places, good friends, being creative and drinking copious amounts of tea. Tea makes me happy, I go to bed looking forward to my mug in the morning. Very silly I know. Hair and makeup is my therapy, my happy place. I find it hugely satisfying when I've created a hair and/or makeup look that makes my clients feel amazing. MASSIVE BUZZ.

I didn't plan on working in the wedding industry, it just sort of happened. When I first set out on my career journey many years ago, I wanted to work in fashion. Then I did my first bride ! Totally hooked. What an awesome way to start my day, being around happy, excited people, feeling really lucky to be a part of someones special day. I pretty much skipped home after that first job! This felt like where I should be, a wedding hair and makeup artist.

As time went on, I realised that I was constantly advising friends and clients about makeup, how to apply it, what to use and where to shop for it. I love to share my knowledge. There is an abundance of makeup brands out there now, its confusing and puts people off. As much as I love makeup and beauty and believe me I'm really passionate about it, I totally appreciate that not everyone is. I want to help people navigate this huge market and save them time and effort. Makeup doesn't have to be complicated and you don't need hundreds of different products. Just a few good bits and bobs and some simple techniques. I'll talk about multiple ways you can use makeup products in a later post. Its on my to-do list!

Styling hair is really interesting to me. I love working with different hair textures, colours and lengths. There's always something stunning we can do with it. It always makes me laugh when my clients apologise for their hair ! I do it too, why do we do that?! We all have an idea of the perfect head of hair and it's usually the opposite of what we have. There's a multitude of different products out there to help us achieve the look and texture we want. It's just a case of learning what and how to use them. Creating an 'up-do' for a wedding or event is one of my favourite things to do, it can really finish off a look. I also really enjoy a simpler look, blow drying and waving/curling hair is really beautiful.

Ultimately, I love to create natural makeup and effortless looking hair. I want my clients to feel the most beautiful version of themselves. Please get in touch if you would like to have a friendly chat about booking me for a wedding, event or makeup lessons x

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